Carpenter, McGuire & DeWulf is one of the few experienced and established law firms practicing cooperative law in Eastern Washington and North Idaho.  We have experience organizing and representing a range of agricultural, telecommunication and commercial supply cooperatives. 


It all began in the 1930’s with one of our founders, Fred Campbell.  Fred was instrumental in establishing and representing some of the areas well known cooperatives including Lincoln Electric and United Retail Merchants.  Fred was such an outspoken advocate for Rural Electric Cooperatives that he threatened suit against Washington Water Power for bring electricity to Davenport.


Because we understand the unique interplay of state and federal laws affecting cooperatives,  our firm is able to advise clients on how to take full advantage of the benefits offered under those law.


We provide our cooperative clients advice in the following areas:

  • Cooperative Formation and Corporate Organization – Advising cooperative managers and directors in the formative stages to assure their Articles of Incorporation and corporate bylaws ground the cooperative in durable cooperative principles in full compliance with applicable law, including cooperative tax matters.

  • Cooperative Corporate Governance – Assisting cooperatives in establishing and embedding cooperative principles and practices in the cooperative’s governing documents and policies in a manner that is conducive to the cooperative’s corporate culture.

  • Agribusiness Issues – Assisting agricultural industry clients with regulatory compliance and real estate transactional matters.

  • General Business Representation – Assistance in determination of entity, general contract negotiations and drafting, sales and distribution agreements, real estate transactions, employment agreements, regulatory compliance and compliance with organizational formalities.

  • Corporate Finance – Advice regarding public offerings, private offerings, credit facilities, venture capital investments and securities law compliance.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions – The acquisition or disposition of public or private companies through mergers, stock transactions or asset purchase and sale agreements.